Catch-up, Twilight Herald

Abbot Doren, head of an obscure island monastery, flees to the city of Scree with the apprentice Mayl. They are hiding from a murderous monk, Jackdaw, who has thrown in his lot with the shadow Azaer. Meanwhile King Emin of Narkang also sets out for Scree, lured by the prospect of hunting down the man […]

Catch-up, Stormcaller

Isak is a white-eye, an unnaturally strong and fast young man with a reputation for being hot-tempered and troublesome. His unpredictable and dangerous nature means he has grown up as an outcast on the wagon-train where his father, Horman, works. Isak’s only real friend is Carel, the captain of the guards and a former soldier. […]

The Stormcaller – Chapter 1

┬áIn the dark corners of the night he dreams of the silent palace by the shore: a place where harsh sunlight and leaden shadows are cast over the white marble of its corridors. Without the cries of seabirds or the whistle of wind over flagstones the silence here is profound, broken only by the occasional […]

AJ Dalton interview

And so the wheel of interview turns, and in another age, called about tea time by some people, A J Dalton answered me thusly:   1. Adam, your books (Empire of the Saviours, Gateway of the Saviours, etc) are pretty hefty. How much does size matter in fantasy, do you think? Well, when I started […]

A J Dalton double interview!

For those as might be interested, my good friend A J Dalton suggested we do a double interview with each other, if that makes sense. He used better words of course… Anyways… here it is – I'll be posting his side in a bit, always interesting how people respond differently!

Sale! Everything must go!

Well, almost. Though it's an ebook edition so it'll never sell out no matter how many we sell… ahem. I'll come back in. SALE! The Stormcaller is on 85% discount on Amazon UK – that's just £1.49! It's almost like it's free* So if you fancy giving my first novel a try, go download it […]

Starburst review!

So hey, first online review that I can post, and it's a good 'un from Starburst! The summary is "Moon’s Artifice is a book that demands the full attention of the reader, which isn’t a bad thing. It’s sometimes frustrating, can be a challenging read, but is ultimately rewarding, working well as a standalone story, […]

Moon’s Artifice – Publication day!

Yup, it's finally here – so rush, trample or fight your way out of the door to make it to your nearest bookshop and buy a copy! Alternatively, you could go online I guess. If you're really lazy, here's a link even:

Moon’s Artifice – finished copies

I'm told these have turned up, so in case anyone still reads things I post here rather than going straight to Facebook/Twitter – who wants a copy?! Preference has to go to UK readers unless my publishers fancy joining in, but otherwise…

Moon’s Artifice – advance copy give-away!

Ok then, Give-away time! Miles ahead of publication too, since the book's out the 21st November in the UK, but I have a spare proof to hand so what the hell, right? Just tell me why you deserve a proof of Moon's Artifice and it could be yours! Best answer wins & there's no right […]