The Man With One Name

Publication excitement! One of the funny things about publishing is the delay you often experience – the times you have to remind yourself about the work you did last year and why people should care about it now. Today is one of those days – now don’t get me wrong, it’s not hard to remind […]

February newsletter

For those who don’t subscribe to the newsletter, here it is in all its glory!   A new year and a renewed effort on the God Fragments. First of all, I’m very happy to share what I believe is the final cover for The Man With One Name – my stand-alone Lynx novella. It’s set […]

Princess of Blood is out!

That (Third) Difficult Second Book   So by now hopefully everyone has noticed that Princess of Blood is out – as of a few days ago, but I’m nothing if not disorganised about blog posts. You should really go buy it now!   Now you hear a lot about that difficult second novel, but in […]

Gollancz Festival

For the handful of you who’ve not seen any mention of it, The Gollancz Festival will be taking place in London on the 17th and 18th of September and despite a petition from certain authors, I’m going to be there! You can find all the details here – I’ll be there all day Saturday and […]

How Many Fuck’s Do I Give?

  Swearing in fantasy – perhaps not quite the most polarising of subjects in the genre, but usually one where people have an opinion they’re unlikely to ever change. For several reasons I went back through my books recently and did a search for how often I’d included the word “fuck” in one form or […]

Fantasy in the Court & Nineworlds

So, I’ve been on holiday and am bewildered to discover the world has not stopped for me. As a result, I’m late about stuff and generally unprepared for reality. In case anyone is interested however, I’ll be at Fantasy in the Court tonight and at Nineworlds on Saturday with a panel in the morning and […]

Gemmell shortlist and apology

First off, congrats to everyone for being shortlisted.   Secondly, here are the figures using my my semi-arbitrary criteria, after which I’ll put some more expanded thoughts. The Dread Wyrm by Miles Cameron (Gollancz) – 2k ratings (not looking good for me so far, book 1 has 7k but it’d be a stretch to make […]

Some inaccurate Gemmell figures

So I thought I needed to do a follow-up to my last, esp in light of Stan Nichols replying to my last. To get more of a clue I fetched up the list of winners and shortlisted books for the Legend award to see what Goodreads ratings they have – yes, I know that’s hardly […]

Embittered Ranting about the Gemmell Awards

  I got a lovely review for Stranger of Tempest today – for context, here it is:     And in said review, there was again a mention of some Gemmell-esque qualities, which is great not least because Gemmell was one of the benchmarks for the sort of fantasy story I want to write […]

The Battle of the Somme

Nothing to do with my books this, or even fiction, but it occurs to me that some might be interested in the following and today seems an appropriate day to do it. This is from the memoir of my great grandfather, James Alison Glover, who was a doctor during the battle of the Somme among […]