The Stormcaller – 10th anniversary edition

I’m delighted to say that, because the début class of 2006 was of such exceptionally high quality, Gollancz have decided to release a 10th anniversary edition of each of their four débuts from that year – Joe Abercrombie, Scott Lynch, Brandon Sanderson and myself! The collector’s editions will be £15 hardbacks with special new covers […]

A short note from the department of unwritten books.

I was doing a bit of checking back in my files and found the cover copy of a book I’ll almost certainly never write – the third of the Empire of a Hundred Houses (probable) trilogy. Given it’s just sitting there, I thought I might as well post it for those who are curious. So, […]

The Stormcaller – ten years on.

  So Wednesday was a little anniversary for me, assuming my memory can be trusted. Nope, nothing to do with meeting my wife, I dunno when that happened. Who keeps track of such things? There is, however, one date that has stuck in my mine – 16th of March, 2006 – because that’s the day […]

Fear The Reaper – copies for sale.

  So my stand-alone novella Fear The Reaper is now on sale – the paperback edition anyway, the ebook’s listed as to be released in a week or two. It was a story I started just as a bit of practice and finished as a nice change of pace between finishing one series and starting […]

All the fun of the Eastercon!

In case anyone’s curious, here’s what I’m up to at Dysprosium – I’ll be around from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon and available to be bought drinks throughout most of that period. You’re very welcome to talk to me too should you want, but I understand that mostly people wouldn’t choose that so don’t feel […]

Announcement – new contract!

I’m delighted to announce that Marcus Gipps at Gollancz has acquired world rights, including translation, in two novels provisionally entitled STRANGER OF TEMPEST and PRINCESS OF BLOOD – the first two books of a heroic fantasy series called The God Fragments.   Furthermore Gollancz will be publishing a novella after each novel as bonus additions […]

ALL THE BOOKS! (for charity)

So it’s been ten years this Sunday since I signed my first contract with Gollancz. Which remains somewhat astonishing to me, mostly that I’m still allowed to make stuff up when I should be working a proper job… But anyway I was going to do a giveaway of all my books to celebrate when it […]

The 5 Stages of a Finished First Draft

Fatigue: you’ve probably been running on caffeine and adrenaline to finish that last chunk of the book, writing longer and harder than at any other time. Now it’s done you realise you’re knackered; you’ve burned yourself out and the chemicals propping your brain up have started to drain away. Warn colleagues and family that all […]

Best of the Year

Now I know very few people care about my best books of the year, I’m not that in-depth or intellectual about my reviews on top of the fact most books I read came out a while back, but since it’s the season for them I thought I’d just list the ones I though were five […]

Tweaking Stormcaller

So… I’ve done something I hope none of you actually notice. I can smell your anticipation already. You know the saying that a book is never truly finished, only abandoned? Well that’s never truer than with a first novel. At some point you have to just step back and unleash the thing on the world. […]