My books


The Twilight Reign:

The Stormcaller 

The Twilight Herald

The Grave Thief

The Ragged Man

The Dusk Watchman

The God Tattoo (short story collection)


The Empire of a Hundred Houses:

Moon’s Artifice

Old Man’s Ghosts


The God Fragments:

Stranger of Tempest

Honour Under Moonlight (novella)

Princess of Blood

The Man With One Name (novella)


Fear the Reaper (stand-alone novella)


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    1. Sorry, didn’t get notified of this comment by the website! As for the hardback situation, basically it’s increasingly not economical to do just a handful of hardbacks for the collectors in this market – the TPB has always been the main edition but the price and Amazon try to hide it nowadays because the ebook looks better value compared to the price of the hardback.

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