A bit of good news!

Having dropped off the world recently, due to a combination of a protracted cold, Mass Effect 3, house-purchase stress, I find very little has progressed in recent months. Still no edits for Dusk Watchman, still a fair way off finishing the first draft of Moon's Artifice, still no damn house yet, but April will be frantically busy I suspect and by May much will be changed there.

One excellent piece of news however – Gollancz have just announced they're planning on doing an audio edition of Stormcaller which I'm delighted about. David Rintoul's been suggested by them as a reader which sounds like a great fit, so hopefully I'll have a release date to announce at some point!

I'm told the edit of Dusk Watchman will be with me with the next couple of weeks and if that does happen, we'll be on for publication in August as scheduled. The God Tattoo to follow in April after that, and hopefully Moon's Artifice later that year! So after being slow delivering the last few, they might actually look almost bunched up soon… well, compared to George Martin anyways.

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