Actual mumblings

If hearing me talk is your idea of amusement, I’ve just done an interview with the eminent Michael Stackpole on The Dragon Page Cover to Cover podcast which you can hear here in which I talk about the voices keeping me awake at night (not the wife) among other things.

In other news, second draft of Ragged Man is done, now I just need to check through the second half of the print-out (discovering along the way the editing on screen is a rather hit-and-miss affair – note to budding writers out there, print it out and read it like a book before you send it to anyone, that’s how you’re brain’s used to seeing text. I always try to print a typescript out on A5 size paper and read it that way before it goes to anyone). After that it’s just a question of checking consistency of dialogue and then slacking off for a few months until the edits come back! Woohoo, Xbox here I come!

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