Admittedly, I’m hugely childish and easily amused, but today’s news about PFD, one of the UK’s biggest agencies, has greatly entertained me.

For those not in the know, it’s been owned for a few years by what I think is a big sports agency. The agents have hated this and tried a management buy-out. Yesterday they discovered that this was unsuccessful, as well as that they had a new boss to deal with in the form of Caroline Michel. It was a pretty clear fuck you to the senior agents looking for a bit of control over their jobs.

Today, basically everyone has quit in response, all the main agents and most likely they’ll be taking most of their clients with them! At a conservative estimate, assuming they only persuade 2/3 of their clients to come with them (which is frankly unlikely, but some will want to stay with the big name company) PFD slapped down its staff and immediately lost 50% of it’s future revenue, along with the vast majority of the people who do the deals. In other words, through the medium of arrogance, they’ve just utterly screwed themselves. This makes me laugh.

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