All the fun of the Eastercon!

In case anyone’s curious, here’s what I’m up to at Dysprosium – I’ll be around from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon and available to be bought drinks throughout most of that period. You’re very welcome to talk to me too should you want, but I understand that mostly people wouldn’t choose that so don’t feel you have to.


Friday at 17.30 – Cryptids: A Modern Bestiary?


Impossible creatures as the focus of literature and art, with Peter Harrow, Seanan McGuire, Adrian Tchaikovsky.


Friday 21.15 – Apocalypse Yesterday:


The Apocalypse has come and gone: what is in store for the survivors? Are post-apocalyptic representations in literature, television and film true to current thinking? Has this changed significantly from Survivors to the Walking Dead? How does this affect people as people and their representation as characters in fiction? With John Bray (mod), Nigel Furlong, Sabine Furlong, and Sarita Robinson.


Saturday – 4.15 – Signing!


Naturally I’ll be the big draw at the Saturday signing. And by that I mean I’ll be doodling the size of the line in front of Jim Butcher… But there will also be Aliette de Bodard, Charles Stross and Adrian Tchaikovsky, so there’ll be a range of fans waiting there and idly wondering who I am.



Sunday 11.15 – Gollancz Room Party


The reprobates in the Gollancz stable will be herded out by judicious use of cattleprods to meet a crowd of people hoping to meet Joe Abercrombie


Sunday 12.15 – Reading!


John Kaiine (whom I don’t know but after a quick google looks like a cool guy, artist, photographer and writer) and I will be doing readings. I’m down as reading from Old Man’s Ghosts as it’s the new book out, but I’ve struggled to find a section short enough so I’ll be coming armed with the first scene of my next novel Stranger of Tempest too – which is brief, a bit bloody, and a little sweary, and thus sums up the book nicely.

But I have now found a scene from OMG so we’ve got a choice, depending on what people fancy and whether anyone’s interested.

4 thoughts on “All the fun of the Eastercon!

  1. You should actually be going to Bristol next Friday, for the Fantasy-Faction Grim Gathering! It’s even got me, hehe
    I’m buying Old Man’s Ghosts tomorrow, just did a Waterstone’s ‘click and collect’. Very little information about it, I discovered it was published by chance!!! I’ll make sure to talk about it at F-F :)

  2. (it seems my previous reply wasn’t posted??)
    Hi, you should actually go to Bristol next Friday, to Fantasy-Faction’s Grim Gathering :)
    I’ve bought Old Man’s Ghosts today! Very poor marketing, I’ve been waiting for it for ages (thought it wouldn’t get published…), then suddenly in a random site I see it! Hurrah!
    I’ll do my own marketing on the F-F forum, don’t worry ;)

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