August Derleth Award – 2008, ish

Yup, it’s that time again when folk such as myself are delighted to be included on the longlist for the August Derleth Award best novel, along with every other genre writer and their dog who published something last year! So it’s a wahey for us, and balls to all the rest of you along with the eventual winner.

Hopefully this year that will be someone who’s book I actually liked, rather than the worst of all those on the list that I’d read. Once I find my BFS membership number I shall be voting online, this year for Hunter’s Moon since in all honesty it’s the one I enjoyed most out of the pitiful number on that list I’ve actually read. The rest of you will of course all be voting for The Twilight Herald for it’s masterful depiction of stuff and general all-round genius!

Won’t you?

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