Back from holiday

Fun news from which I shall post when I have the time to write about it properly – but before all that I have to share my astonishment with folk.

I’ve just been sent a contract at work – since I’m a contracts manager this is not entirely unusual, however, this has to be the first time that I’ve been sent one that was typed. No, physically typed on a typewriter. These people have been exchanging emails with us for a week or two, but the contract itself has turned up as a headed template with the author’s name etc typed on in a manner that I did not realise had happened since word processors were invented.

What the hell’s going on? It’s Vanity Fair for the love of all that’s amorphous and lurking in the inner reaches of space! They use typewriters!? Is someone taking the piss because this is my last week before I move to Atlantic?! There’s a part of the print media that’s more backward than book publishing!!!! woohoo!

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