Back in the land of the living

With a few holes in the back of my throat, but hopefully once they heal up it’ll be the solution of a few of my problems! Managed to get a bit of editing done over the course of it (well, checking Jo’s edits, not doing a whole lot of actual work myself) and I’ve suddenly discovered it’s July. I was supposed to start the new book in June really, and while I’ve done the two prologues nothing else has really happened. It’s kinda scary how easily the time slips away when you’ve got another job to pay attention to, or in the case of the last few weeks, a widescreen TV and Wimbledon.

Still, things haven’t been too bad really. I got a ticket to the final courtesy of an aussie mate and we got to see the most stunning match we’re likely to ever watch. I wasn’t surprised that Nadal won, although I was impressed that Federer fought back – glandular fever certainly isn’t good for the long-term fitness so to battle back against the fittest man who’s ever played the game at that level, well, it was stunning to watch. All those people who claim he’s finished and broken now are just desperate to get their sound-bite used, but if Nadal does overtake him as No 1 it’ll be well deserved. That boy’s done it the hard way!

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