Great Tor article

No, not because it’s all about me… well, quite a lot because it’s a little bit about me, but I’ve just seen this article on all about the various stages the brilliant Todd Lockwood went through to produce the cover for Stormcaller. I’m not entirely sure why it’s on the Tor website, but I think it’s largely because the SFF world is full of people who don’t care all that much about imprint and are just nice and enthusiastic about stuff, so long may that continue. Except for Orbit…. they know why….

Ahem, anyways, there are lots of shots of the cover at different stages of the process and Todd talks at length about how he went about things. All in all, most cool. I shall also, at some point be putting up the even-more-striking-in-my-opinion cover Todd’s just produced for Twiglet, but I really need to get some work done first!

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