How to not win friends and influence people

No 42: Tell me during negotiations that you want complete control over artwork for your author, for the following reasons… (NB, complete control is given to almost no-one because the publisher’s paying the author for the right to publish the book and therefore must have the right to recoup their money how they think they can best)

Because it’s an ‘important’ SF novel and they couldn’t risk us putting some lurid rubbish on the cover that might make it look like fantasy escapist fiction.

As much as I’m in favour of avoiding bad covers, you’ve just said that to the wrong person. We’ll ignore the fact you’re a Polish company and have no idea about the UK market or UK contracts – all the many good reasons for telling you to shut the hell up have just been drowned out by the irate purveyor of lurid fantasy rubbish within me. Negotiation period over – sign what I tell you to sign or go away now.

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