Isak – the white-eye

Not ground-breaking news in itself, but now the title of the French edition since a translation of The Stormcaller apparently sounds weird. Which is fair enough, especially if it puts buyers in mind of the French version of Elric, but I wonder what the following books will end up being called… Book 2 should be something like Rojak – the smug minstrel, book 3 is easy enough I suspect, but book 4 might pose a few problems for reasons I can’t go into yet, ditto Dusk Watchman!

And on a related note, I’m told the excellent artwork for Ragged Man UK edition should be up on Amazon soon – the wonderful Larry Rostant having done a fine job yet again, several months ago in fact but until they had the MS in they didn’t put titles on it etc. Come to think of it, maybe I should see the final version before it goes on Amazon…

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