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July 2020 – Newsletter


I Ate’nt dead, as one of my very favourite characters writes. It turns out, however, that it’s been even longer that I’d realised since I sent an update. Even before the year that all time and reason forgot I’d already been overdue so….

Soon the God Fragments will be finished! I mean it is for me, but the rest of you get to see it as well! While it feels just like a few months since I delivered God of Night, publication day is coming sooner than I’d realised. On the 1st of October the final book of the God Fragments will hit the world.

To say goodbye to Lynx and the rest I’ll no doubt be raising a large glass of something over an even larger plate of something else. I may expand on my thoughts closer to the time, but suffice to say I’ll certainly miss that bunch of idiots. It’s always strange to imagine the stories that will never be written, the lives of characters extending beyond those last words. A world never just ends with the final chapter and the better a job you’ve done, the easier it is to see the adventures stretching beyond for those still standing. I like to think there’s some life in the Cards yet even if I’m not going to write about it.

As for everything else that’s gone on, I decided it was time to part company with my agent, Simon, for reasons that aren’t exciting or gossip-worthy, it was just time for a change. It does leave me out of contract, agent-less and drafting a coming-of-age fantasy like the last 20 years haven’t happened! Which is an odd sensation, but nothing’s normal these days.

Unfortunately Verona in Autumn didn’t happen. We got over 50% on the fundraising then I decided to pull it. Not because there was a particular problem, but I simply couldn’t devote the attention necessary while completing God of Night and builders ripping apart large chunks of our house. It’s a tough process at the best of times and not one an introvert like me is a fan of, so leaving it on pause for months and months seemed unfair to people who’d so kindly offered up their money.

Hopefully everyone’s managed to get their pledges refunded – I know a few had been under the impression that the money just went to me but I *think* that’s all cleared up and Unbound haven’t got any left to hand back. One day it’ll appear in a different form – every month or two you hear about a prequel/sequel to the classics so maybe tastes will change and people will be clamouring for it – or I’ll find the money for editing and a cover to self-publish.

I mentioned a new fantasy earlier, but actually that’s not what’s next for me. I’ve set that aside for the moment (~50k words in) realising that after a big fantasy project I shouldn’t jump straight into the next – particularly in these mad, exhausting times. Instead I found an older idea had started clamouring for attention – an SF novella or short novel. Writing that in short bursts is working a lot better with the kids home for six months or more too! I’m sure there are people out there being wonderfully productive at the moment, but I ain’t one of them. I’m having fun though and one day it might be worth publishing.

Until October then, stay safe and keep healthy.

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