Just when I thought I couldn’t despise them any more

One of the BBC’s twittering morons interviewed Gordon Brown this morning, it was painful to watch. Unless this is part of some carefully orchestrated pro-government campaign that I think is frankly beyond their collective intellects, you’ve got to wonder whether anyone’s going to beat these idiots with a stick until they realise they’re not proper journalists, they’re not even close. Now journalists can be a self-righteous bunch of twats at times, desperately caught up in their own self-importance and the crucial nature of their work to the continued functioning of existence, but quite a few of them are (a dwindling number according to ex-journos I’ve met) actually trained to do the job properly.

Seriously, how hard could it be to do maybe ten mins research and slap Gordon Brown down live on TV, making a career for yourself in the process most likely? Instead the twittering moron (one of the female ones this time, but that’s happenstance and is as close to a distinction between them all as I’m willing to make) decided to make what sounded pretty incoherent points, ignore what he was saying, talk over him, and refuse to let him answer – all the while vibrating with some weird sense moral superiority. The net result was that he looked patient, sympathetic and intelligent by contrast, didn’t have to answer any real questions because she wouldn’t let him speak and she looked like the inept fucktard she is.

He almost lost it by smiling at one point which made horror crawl down my spine (and reminded me of the American Dad episode where a wolf howled every time Karl Rove’s name was invoked) but overall this unelected idiot of a PM whose tenure as Chancellor seems to be more of a screw-up every time I hear more details about it and only avoided total chaos by an economic boom that was nothing to do with his work, ahem, remember to breath, came out the better in a perfect opportunity to ask him one or two real questions and have read up enough to discuss the answer sensibly. But she didn’t, so the world grew a little bit darker and stupider.

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