Merry Christmas

I couldn’t let my last post be the one that stayed up for Christmas, so all the best Christmas cheer to the lot of you! Am out in the sticks with my family and all’s good here – looking forward to my first Christmas as a married man. It’s really weird being here at Christmas without there being a dog in the house and feels very wrong – thinking back, it’s possible I’ve never once had a Christmas here without a dog around and only once in my life been away for the holiday – but all in all I couldn’t be luckier in life so I’ll try not to complain! At any rate my parents will be picking up the newly-named Spider on the second of Jan and hopefully it won’t happen again for another 30 years. My lovely wife is upstairs drifting off to sleep and there are so many presents under the tree they’re taking over the hall; I hope you’re all as happy as me, or at least will be soon.

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