Mock the Weak (sic)

Just in case anyone does want to snigger at the pasty complexion of an author with, what I am confidently predicting will have to be described as, a Devereux of a hangover, on Saturday afternoon the 21st of July I will be signing books of The Twilight Herald at Forbidden Planet from 1 till 2.

Those of you wondering whether this will affect my ability to sign books should not fear however; even asleep I’m capable of signing books whether I wrote them or not, and even on a good day my handwriting looks like it was produced by an epileptic spider.

Since the current fashion is for writing the first line on the title page – I shall be doing this for a collector and am concerned my arm’s going to fall off in the process of signing, dating and first-lining – can I suggest people ask for the last line instead, just to make it a little bit special? Also, I tend to get that one right the first time, the first line’s harder because I wrote several versions! I promise that the first line of Grave Thief is going to be damn short, whatever the Beloved Editor thinks!

I’m going to go back to sleep now. A three hour agency meeting without coffee has killed any desire I might have had to be useful, I’ll just look forward to having my ceiling ripped open by a disturbingly blase plumber which is tomorrow’s fun activity.

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