Monkey-punk, it’s the future!

Fine lunch with the Gollancz crowd, as a sort of enforced lining-of-the-stomach in anticipation of tonight’s compulsive gulping of free alcohol at the Autumn party, with the added bonus of Michael Rowley’s presence, the head SF buyer for Waterstones. Always nice to find out the bloke you’ve got to kowtow to and generally arse-kiss as much as possible, is actually a decent chap as well!

About halfway through lunch he announced that he’s really looking for in a steam-punk sub-genre novel involving monkeys… So, to all you writers out there, just in case anyone’s looking for a hook for their novel, this one’s got the backing of the person who sells more SFF than anyone else in the country most likely!

Better be quick though, Joe Abercrombie was sharpening his quill under the table all the while. At least I think that’s what he was doing…

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