On a more terrifying, but completely random note…

I had the disturbing image while on a train yesterday of how well-know religious fool and former singer, Cliff Richard, might fulfil his stated goal of a no 1 in six consecutive decades. It isn’t clear why this came to me, I wasn’t even listening to Nine Inch Nails, but he’s probably exhausted the moronic religious rubbish angle so he’s going to try something different. Can you feel the horror as he decides Johnny Cash had the right idea and he’s going to do covers of random songs to cash in the popularity of whatever he’s reworking? Of course, he won’t actually pick ones like Hurt because they might have naughty stuff in the lyrics, but how about “Cliff sings acoustic covers of Robbie Williams”?

Please join me in a collective shudder. There’s only so much of a horrific dystopian future I can comfortably contemplate.

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