One of the few writers to completely stun me

R.I.P Alexander Solzhenitsyn, author of, among others, One Day in the life of Ivan Denisovich – a book I read at school and I can still remember the effect it had on me – so absorbing I sat there shivering in a heated room and saw dinner in a whole new light. It’s a short book that I’d suggest everyone read, you won’t forget it.

On a rather lighter note, I believe the Grave Thief will be heading off to proofs tomorrow which is a relief. 186,700 words, ish, and I’m proud of quite a few of them! It’s a pretty dark book, probably the darkest of the series including the two I’ve yet to write, and there’s a lot going on, but I’m pretty sure people will be pleased with the result. There are more daemons, gods and people with sharp pointy things than ever, plus what I suspect is an unconscious nod to Douglas Adams when I picked a door number at random…

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