Phase 2 complete

Well, after almost four years at this literary agency, one I only planned on joining for a few weeks, I’m going to be moving on to Atlantic Books in September. This is good news for pretty much everyone I think because I’ll be moving to 2.5 days a week so I’ve got time to write and hopefully get The Ragged Man delivered before time without losing my social life and seeing the little lady pack up her bags and walk disconsolately away… My time here has seen me hopping up and down with excitement at getting my very first contract, doing similar things when I got the first copies of a variety of editions, plus several entire weeks worth of hitting my computer and swearing. The quantity of coffee drunk doesn’t even bear thinking about and sadly it probably outweighs the beer.

Since coming here I’ve had two books published and written two, but had to start wearing glasses due to the joys of novel-writing and that flickery bastard of a database called Bradbury Phillips Rights Management. I’ve spent months with constant headaches because of eye strain and been handed books that I’ve written but can’t read because they’re translations. I’ve had glandular fever (and my tonsils cut out as a result) but found myself being nursed by a certain little lady flatmate that has made the temporary wrecking of my fitness and immune system totally worth it. I’ve had days where the best thing that’s happened to me has been reading on the net that it’s virtually impossible to be addicted to ibuprofen, and days when I’ve realised I’ve got a finer set of friends than I’ve enjoyed in my life thus far.

There might be a hell of a lot more to achieve, but right now things are looking pretty good.

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