Please imagine the rage.

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons I cannot vent my rage here over the multitude of things that have been winding me up over the last week or two. You will have to imagine it yourselves. Let’s just say it covers a range of matters in the professional world and whole whole lot of swearing. I mean one real fucking load of it.

My colleagues are getting concerned for my keyboard because when annoyed I tend to batter it rather than merely type… Suffice to say, the woman who’s been lying about me seems to have backed down and admitted I was right about everything, various people should be doing their jobs properly now I’ve explained how they should do it, and other things have been pretty much cleared up through very little effort on behalf of those who should have done it.

Deep breath. Just remember, this is the month of relaxing before the next book and editing happens… This is me calm and relaxed, in the week when my tennis partner (who’s seen me in usual foul-mouthed personal berating mode regularly) asked if I had an rage issues at the moment! Moi? Angry?

The only news I can reveal however is the publication date for Grave Thief, which is now scheduled for December 18th – Yup, if you’re quick, you can buy hardbacks of it for everyone you know for Christmas! Who could fail to be delighted with something so light and cheery for the Christmas period?! ;0) The good news is that the High Queen of Editing has read it, pronounced herself delighted with it and described it as far darker than the last book.

Some of you may remember that the last one was blamed on Thatcher for reasons that go beyond mere reasoning, so I’m hoping this one gets blamed on, erm, Mussolini maybe? We’ll save Hitler and Pol Pot for the last two of the series!

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