RIP Brian Haw

An admirable man has died, so please take a moment to remember and be glad of those who are able to devote their entire existence to something important. I know I wouldn’t be able to work at something so completely.

In Brian Haw’s case I was particularly struck by the fact he was determined to ensure wilfully-oblivious politicians were constantly reminded that their actions had grave consequences on people’s lives. Even when they changed the law so they wouldn’t be confronted by a force of conscience (several times if memory serves because they couldn’t even get their shamefully behaviour right the first time…) he didn’t give up and the world’s a lesser place without that sort of example.

I used to catch the bus to work through Parliament Sq for several years so I saw him there most days and always felt heartened by his strength. In a week where I heard that cretinous fool Bruce Forsyth gets a knighthood, here’s one man who’ll never get the recognition he deserved except by those who know of him – so please do pause a moment and tell anyone who’ll listen what he was about. 

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