But not for me…. It’s actually for a wine called Benham Blush.

This is my best friend’s vineyard – Now I’ve known for a while that it produces some lovely wine, I’ve been drinking the stuff for years after all, but recently they’ve moved into making rosé and, as it turns out, that’s the best wine they’ve ever made. Don’t believe me? Well it’s now award-winning with a Gold Medal at the English and Welsh wine awards thingy and the Berwick Award there too for good measure.

Being a boutique vineyard, he’s not shipping internationally and if you want to buy some it’s best to buy it direct from him (I think the white’s also in local Waitroses though) but if you’re in England and are keen on supporting good people producing quality stuff, you can’t go wrong. Assuming you like wine of course, but if you want to buy it to give to friends, that also works!

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