Two things to make me smile

Firstly, I’ve just had my copies of Ragged Man in paperback, which look great. Same brilliant Larry Rostant cover of course, but whenever my books go into the smaller format I love it – I vastly prefer mass-market size paperbacks when it comes to reading, so it’s a special thing for me to get a copy of my books in the shape I’d prefer to get it as a reader. Maybe that’s just me being odd, but it’s heartening to hold it and realise if I wasn’t the author, once I picked it up in the shop I’d be buying it! Publication date is the 12th of May I believe.

Secondly, and rather more importantly to the rest of the world, Todd Lockwood has been shortlisted for his artwork on the US edition of Ragged Man – go check it out and vote here – preferably for Todd! They’re all worth looking at though, and it’s interesting with that sort of image that the impact of Todd’s painting particularly, is only enhanced when you get that silly author’s name off and view the whole thing – not just the half that’s on the front of the books but the wrap-around bit too. If you you’ve seen out the photo of Todd with his Stormcaller painting on the Tor website or something, you’ll agree I’m sure.

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