What’s that smell?

Ah, that’d be the unmistakable stench of rampant jealousy. The fact that he’s written a very good book bears absolutely no relation to the fact that Joe Abercrombie clearly deserves no measure of success when it exceeds my own and I shall be paying someone to hurt him very soon. My nightly watching of My Name is Earl has led me to believe that not only is this justified, it’s in fact demanded by the universe in general!

In the meanwhile, Last Argument of Kings shall remain at number 9 in the Amazon chart…

On a happier note, and my principal reason for intending to post today before that unshaven git ruined my day, I recently got sent a demo CD from The Lost Legion, a metal band who dropped me a line through Myspace to say they were fans of my books! Clearly that’s no definitive indicator of taste, but I like to think it’s certainly a strong hint towards remarkable intelligence and talent. While I had been a little unsure of what to expect from a band whose main influence appears to be David Gemmell, it quickly became apparent that I shouldn’t bother fixating on that detail. These boys really can play and there’s no screaming into a mic as an alternative to talent so that’s me sold! Go have a list to what they’ve got on their myspace page, just maybe don’t do it at work…. ;0)

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